Help Robert Live his Childhood Dream

In September I am going to Fiji to support children through volunteering within rugby coaching and teaching English through registered charity think Pacific (1162190). The project itself lasts two months in which my funds and effort will go into trying to rebuild the foundations of education which we take for granted. With 75%  of children living below the poverty line and only 5% of children gaining an early years education, help is needed.
I am trying to fundraise £2500 pounds for the project itself with £600 of it being a straight donation to the charity. I have managed to pay for my flights through my part-time job with Cardrona hotel and Cooks and Co in Peebles.
I have decided to take part on this project as I felt the need to be different. I applied for university to only realise that I was doing it to have a safe option.  Safe seemed almost too easy; I wanted a challenge.
Coaching rugby in the southern hemisphere has always been the “childhood dream” that always just seemed too impractical to the point where I had given up the thought throughout the early years of high school.  I went to New Zealand last summer with my family and realised the love I had for the passion and culture we were welcomed by was too much to not look into going back. I feel as if this trip will be my first step on becoming into the person I have always wanted to be, charismatic, smart and sensible while still just trying to keep my childish sense of humour. 
The link to my gofundme is  I will be posting updates about fundraising activities on my gofundme page and facebook account. My next fundraising event is a comedy night at Peebles Rugby Club on the 2nd June. Tickets are £12.50. Message the rugby club or myself on Facebook for tickets.
Thank you
Robert Matthews