Surviving the Void of ‘Doglessness’

Doglessness is defined as ‘the state of being without a dog.

It’s the little things that you miss the most: the soft weight of a head on your lap whilst watching TV, the wagging tail that only your presence can generate, a wet nose as your early morning alarm call, those big eyes, the colour of molten chocolate, that fixate on the passage of every morsel of food, from your plate to your mouth. Then there’s the loss of the almost telepathic understanding, that only a canine companion is capable of and the complete, unconditional love that dogs bestow upon us.

Without a dog, a thick cloak of silence envelopes your home, a quiet that is inescapable and emotionally empty. Whether you have previously owned a dog or have always yearned to do so, doglessness can be a miserable state to exist in and has been proven to even have a negative effect on your health. Pet ownership has been shown to reduce stress and help a person become more physically and socially active. If your beloved dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, emotions or circumstances can prevent you from wanting the commitment of owning another dog. Perhaps you have never had your own dog and considerations such as your job and family commitments make dog ownership an impossible dream. Is doglessness unavoidable in these circumstances?

There is a solution that you may not have even considered. Barking Mad, the U.K’s leading dog sitting company, organises dog holidays as an alternative to kennels. They offer the opportunity of becoming a ‘host’ by providing a loving home environment for somebody else’s dog whilst they are away. Our hosts range from people who are retired and have plenty of free time, to families who love having a dog to stay just for the Summer holidays, as an exciting and educational experience for their school age children.

Everything is set up and organised by your local Barking Mad branch, Scottish Borders, who take this often informal arrangement and make it fully safe, insured and easy to take part in, without costing a penny. You provide the regular exercise and companionship and the cost, administration and transport is dealt with by your local representative, Donna Macaulay. It is up to you to tell us the type of dog you would like to look after and when you are available.

For more information please contact Donna Macaulay on 01896242096 is the UK’s leading dog sitting company organises dog holidays as an alternative to kennels and recently hit the top spot on the independent review site TrustPilot. Thousands of delighted customers have left glowing 5* reviews following truly excellent customer service for their pampered pooches.