Lockdown Life – available from 5th November

Lockdown Life is an A5 size book of some 150 pages on sale at local bookshops from November 7th at £10 with all proceeds gifted to the Eastgate Theatre.

This is a collection of personal accounts from individuals of all ages, starting from the Borders, across the UK, Europe, Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Japan, explaining how Covid-19 has affected their lives through their education, work, leisure and retirement. The young look forward to an unclear future, those in work adapt inside and outside the workplace, those redundant are perplexed and the elderly look back to their youth. Individuals tell of the effect on medical services; doctor, dentist, nurse and surgery; mills, distilleries, hotels, international chess, wildlife, piping and pop concerts. From the young debating the generosity of the Fairies on losing their teeth to the solitary confinement of some older souls, and lots more in between hardship and humour.

This is a kaleidoscope of life as was, as is and as might be.