The Pink Panters

Peebles own ladies jogscotland group “The Pink Panters” are looking forward to another exciting year of running.

The group was started by jogscotland leader Miriam Adcock in 2009.  Miriam says “I’d recently moved to Peebles and was looking to meet like-minded ladies and have a regular jog that wasn’t too serious (as jogscotland calls it – a group that runs in the “Blether Zone” i.e. can run, but still have a blether).  When I couldn’t find one, I decided to set one up.”

Most of the joggers have begun from scratch although some with jogging experience have joined because jogging with others is such fun and sometimes we all need a bit of motivation.

Miriam encouraged me to undertake the jogscotland Leaders course and l have never regretted it.  The whole jogscotland network is so supportive there are groups all over Scotland including many in the Borders.

The Pink Panters meet twice a week at 6.15pm on Tuesdays and 9am on Saturdays at Kingsmeadows car park to pound the paths in and around Peebles.  We are a mixed ability group with as much chatting as jogging not everyone can make both sessions which is fine.

There is no pressure on anyone to enter races but many Panters enjoy the challenge of pushing themselves that bit further, 5k up to marathons with lots in between including the 2012 Beltane 10k (where we ran in pink Tutus).

The word “Triathlon” has been mentioned as one of the challenges by some hardy souls, l will be there to hand out the tutus.

The group provides the opportunity to try different types of jogging, off-road being one that you may not have tried by yourself.

The socialising aspect of the group? – Well why not come along and see for yourself!

Contact me Trish at, 01721 721305 or Miriam at, 01721 740630.

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